Demolition Derby Crash Racing - Play the Game on your Smartphone

Best Demolition Derby Games

Demolition Derby: Crash Racing is not the only demolition derby game available and many excellent games have been made for various platforms.

Download: Demolition Derby: Crash Racing
or get (new): School Bus Demolition Derby.

We are compiling a list of the all time favorite demolition derby games per platform towards the end of the year. Every week will will add one platform and the related favorite Demolition Derby Game.

If you have any favorite demolition derby games please drop us an email and we will add the vote to our jury :)

Our first vote for the all time best demolition derby game (or related) is for the XBox360; and the winner is DiRT 3 from Codemasters! The third vote is just in an Flatout 2 took the spot as best Demolition Derby game for the PC platform. Good job!

The best demolition derby games listed:

  • PC: FlatOut 2 (Bugbear Entertainment)
  • PS3: Twisted Metal (Sony)
  • XBox360: DiRT 3 (Codemasters)
  • PSX: Destruction Derby (Psygnosis)
  • Mobile (Android/iOS): Demolition Derby: Crash Racing (Lunagames)

You can see our full list of demolition derby games here